The Embassy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Educational holidays in Sri Lanka is providing opportunities to students to create learning through direct field experience. All these educational trips of Sri Lanka are conducted by professionally qualified subject specialists from different disciplines such as Anthropology / archeology / agriculture / biology / sociology etc. Most of the Ceylon Expeditions Educational Tour products are endorsed / affiliated with Government universities and selected private universities & other academic institutes of Sri Lanka & overseas.

Sri Lanka is an ideal location for study tours mainly on tropical agriculture / Asian wildlife / Anthropology / Archeology / Asian art & culture / British & Dutch Colonial periods / Ancient paintings & sculptures / Asian culinary arts / Buddhist culture / sociology etc...

Primates education program will provide a variety of social behavior of monkeys including maternal care, play, food, grooming, communication in monkey’s language comprising a rich repertoire of facial gestures, body postures and vocal signal. You will also experience the territorial disputes, anti-predator behavior among others. Ceylon Expedition will provide a laboratory based lecture at Polonnaruwa on Monkeys as well.